Alien Apocalypse Back Story

Here is the dialog for the first campaign. Let us know what you think!

Zed-TK:  Wake up!
Dayan:  Huh?
Zed-TK:  Tests complete.  Experiment functioning at optimal efficiency.
Dayan:  What are you saying robot?
Zed-TK:  Experiment 1.64 x 10^5 success.  All parameters normal.
Dayan:  Who are you?
Zed-TK:  Zed-TK.
Dayan: ...
Dayan: Who am I?
Zed-TK: You are the first and last of your kind.
Dayan: ???
Dayan: Clarify.
Zed-TK:  You are new and old.  Genetically improved from the previous race.
Dayan:  Previous race?  Where is everyone?
Zed-TK:  Annihilated.
Dayan:  Annihilated by who?
Zed-TK:  The Skraag destroyed all but what was left in the genetics database.
Dayan:  Why did they destroy us?
Zed-TK::  It is their nature.
Dayan:   Why did you make me?
Zed-TK: Cognitive awareness test ended.  All within acceptable parameters.  Language skills also successful.  Confirmed fluency with target culture.
Dayan:  Answer me.
Zed-TK: Tachyon transmission affirmed.  Deconstitution to Data commencing in 10 seconds for FTL transference.
Dayan:  What?  ... Where are you sending me?
Zed-TK:  Mission parameter: Destroy the Skraag.
Dayan:  Wait...

About Alien Apocalypse:

4X mobile galactic conquest at its best!   Download to eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate.  Choose from multiple characters, each with its own play style.  Level up with new skills through an interesting science fiction campaign.

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