Extreme Subby Challenge

Subby and the Fishes 1.6 brings a new play mode called Extreme.   We wanted this level to be something different than just another really hard level of Subby.   Instead, Extreme Subby is a series of mini challenges where you are in control of the difficulty.   In this mode, you no longer need to catch fish to sustain your air supply, instead you catch fish to start a mini challenge.   The more fish of the same color you collect, the harder the challenge, and the more points you score by completing it. 

This added a lot of room for growth with Subby, and a lot of balancing to do.   We wanted to release the first couple challenges so we could collect feedback and maybe get a few ideas for other challenges you may want to see.   So 1.6 is just a beta version of Extreme Subby.  In the full release, you'll have to unlock the challenges and won't be able to do them all right from the start.

Meet the current cast of Subby Extreme Challenge:

These nice blue fish are the fish to capture to start the challenge Shark Attack.  Notice how all the fish hide when the sharks come out?

The red fish like to swim fast.  If you catch a few, they will allow you to start the Turbo Subby Challenge.   We've had a few comments suggesting Subby was too slow.   Not Anymore!

In the spirit of Halloween, this little guy lets you start the Creepy Cave Challenge.  I'm not quite sure what makes the caves creepy, we may have to work on that.

The gold fish are very rare, and when you capture one, you will activate your current challenge.

The glass fish likes to pretend to be other fish.   If you catch him in his natural state, he wipes out the challenge points you've collected.   But catch him pretending to be another fish, and good things happen.

Your air bar has been replaced by the challenge bar.  This shows the color and difficuly of the challenge you can activate.  Once activated this bar will count down the time left of your challenge.

We have a list of other ideas for challenges:  Bubble Fish, Shooting Star, Bubble Attack, and others.   But we'd also like to hear your crazy ideas for challenges.  Give Subby Extreme a try and post your comments here or send us an email.  We'd love to hear them.  And just maybe you'll get a challenge fish of your own!

Alien Sector 1.0 Released

Alien Sector has been released for the Android! Featuring three different map sizes, unique combat abilities for each alien and a wide variety of weapons for the player, each game is different. You are also provided with the option to select a specific map again based on the gameseed if you want to try it again.

We will be integrating OpenFeint into Alien Sector in our next release this week. OpenFeint will allow you to compete for high scores against your friends, as well as unlocking over 20 different achievements we have added to Alien Sector.

A more enhanced paid version will be also be coming out this week. Challenge yourself to play on Normal and Heroic difficulty and take over those high scores, as well as clearing the additional achievements. More features to come as well, including the ability to save those longer games when you get interrupted!

Subby Version 1.3 with OpenFeint

Posted a new version of Subby and the Fishes today as we try out the hot new  (to the Android) Social Gaming Network OpenFeint.   It seems like a pretty solid platform.   Subby currently is just using the shared leaderboard feature, as I haven't come up with good achievements.   I was coming up with things like catching some number of the same color fish in a row, but that's about it, nothing too exciting.   Of course, one cool one would be for unlocking the shark, still curious if anyone has found it! (Hint: Title Screen)

If you have ideas on achievements, feel free to drop us a note, we are always looking for feedback and suggestions.   We have lots of ideas for some in Alien Sector, so keep an eye out for the OpenFeint version coming soon.

Also, if you are having issues with Subby controls, try playing with the touch mode.  Hit menu and select controls.   If that works, try calibrating your accelerometer.   Bring up your Android settings and under Display should be an option for G-Sensor calibration.   If that still doesn't work, drop us an email.

Alien Sector

The largest Alien Containment Facility under human control has experienced a massive security failure. All civilians in the sector were killed and the aliens have complete control of the complex. High Command has been deployed to eliminate the containment facility via a large scale nuclear attack before word spreads of the overthrow. However, the United Council prefers that the alien sector be cleared quietly to reduce the political fallout.

You are a special ops marine specially trained in alien combat. The United Council President has given orders to sweep the entire sector and eliminate all alien life forms. The High Command General is expecting you to fail and has set the nuclear attack to launch at 0600 hours. You may be given a little more time if High Command sees that you are having success. You have been provided standard issue weapons and a shielded, armored bodysuit.

Eliminate the alien threat and clear the sector in the time provided. Your reputation, your career and your life are all at stake. The countdown has begun.

Alien Apocalypse Back Story

Here is the dialog for the first campaign. Let us know what you think!

Zed-TK:  Wake up!
Dayan:  Huh?
Zed-TK:  Tests complete.  Experiment functioning at optimal efficiency.
Dayan:  What are you saying robot?
Zed-TK:  Experiment 1.64 x 10^5 success.  All parameters normal.
Dayan:  Who are you?
Zed-TK:  Zed-TK.
Dayan: ...
Dayan: Who am I?
Zed-TK: You are the first and last of your kind.
Dayan: ???
Dayan: Clarify.
Zed-TK:  You are new and old.  Genetically improved from the previous race.
Dayan:  Previous race?  Where is everyone?
Zed-TK:  Annihilated.
Dayan:  Annihilated by who?
Zed-TK:  The Skraag destroyed all but what was left in the genetics database.
Dayan:  Why did they destroy us?
Zed-TK::  It is their nature.
Dayan:   Why did you make me?
Zed-TK: Cognitive awareness test ended.  All within acceptable parameters.  Language skills also successful.  Confirmed fluency with target culture.
Dayan:  Answer me.
Zed-TK: Tachyon transmission affirmed.  Deconstitution to Data commencing in 10 seconds for FTL transference.
Dayan:  What?  ... Where are you sending me?
Zed-TK:  Mission parameter: Destroy the Skraag.
Dayan:  Wait...

About Alien Apocalypse:

4X mobile galactic conquest at its best!   Download to eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate.  Choose from multiple characters, each with its own play style.  Level up with new skills through an interesting science fiction campaign.

The Aliens are Coming

We are wrapping up our next title which is sorta of a crazy cross between minesweeper and a simple combat sim.  This is based off on the first games we did many years ago, brought back to life as an Android App.   The idea is to quickly sweep a grid of aliens before time runs out.    Still working out the art issues, or I'd post a screen shot or two.

As we planned out the next few titles we wanted to work on, a theme appeared, and we really liked the tie in between titles.   The next few titles will let us explore worlds besides our own.   We are also working on a classic alien themed RTS game.

If you are interested in becoming a beta tester for iBotsoft, drop us an email to ibotsoft@gmail.com.   The number of Android devices makes testing a little challenging, so we are always looking for people to help.

Subby Version 1.1 Released

We've released version 1.1 of Subby after we found a few issues on a couple phones.   The wide variety of Android devices sure makes it challenging, but this version should work pretty well.   Let us know if you run in to any other snags.

We are also enabling medium difficulty in the free game.   Easy is a bit, well, too easy.   Medium will give you a better feel for the game.     We are also working on some music and an additional difficulty (really hard!) for an up coming release.

We are also looking at options for sharing the high score table in the not to distant future.

As always, your comments and feedback are welcome!

Welcome to iBotsoft's Blog

We are excited to release some Apps to the Android Market.  Keep an eye on the blog for posts about what we are working on, as well as to give us suggestions on what you want to see.

We've been doing games for a long time and are really excited to branch out into this market.   It's the land of some unique challenges and opportunities.   Subby and Munch are remakes of some old games we had that let us explore the Android.   Hopefully you are enjoying them.  

Please let us know what you would like us to build for you!