Alien Sector

The largest Alien Containment Facility under human control has experienced a massive security failure. All civilians in the sector were killed and the aliens have complete control of the complex. High Command has been deployed to eliminate the containment facility via a large scale nuclear attack before word spreads of the overthrow. However, the United Council prefers that the alien sector be cleared quietly to reduce the political fallout.

You are a special ops marine specially trained in alien combat. The United Council President has given orders to sweep the entire sector and eliminate all alien life forms. The High Command General is expecting you to fail and has set the nuclear attack to launch at 0600 hours. You may be given a little more time if High Command sees that you are having success. You have been provided standard issue weapons and a shielded, armored bodysuit.

Eliminate the alien threat and clear the sector in the time provided. Your reputation, your career and your life are all at stake. The countdown has begun.

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