Extreme Subby Challenge

Subby and the Fishes 1.6 brings a new play mode called Extreme.   We wanted this level to be something different than just another really hard level of Subby.   Instead, Extreme Subby is a series of mini challenges where you are in control of the difficulty.   In this mode, you no longer need to catch fish to sustain your air supply, instead you catch fish to start a mini challenge.   The more fish of the same color you collect, the harder the challenge, and the more points you score by completing it. 

This added a lot of room for growth with Subby, and a lot of balancing to do.   We wanted to release the first couple challenges so we could collect feedback and maybe get a few ideas for other challenges you may want to see.   So 1.6 is just a beta version of Extreme Subby.  In the full release, you'll have to unlock the challenges and won't be able to do them all right from the start.

Meet the current cast of Subby Extreme Challenge:

These nice blue fish are the fish to capture to start the challenge Shark Attack.  Notice how all the fish hide when the sharks come out?

The red fish like to swim fast.  If you catch a few, they will allow you to start the Turbo Subby Challenge.   We've had a few comments suggesting Subby was too slow.   Not Anymore!

In the spirit of Halloween, this little guy lets you start the Creepy Cave Challenge.  I'm not quite sure what makes the caves creepy, we may have to work on that.

The gold fish are very rare, and when you capture one, you will activate your current challenge.

The glass fish likes to pretend to be other fish.   If you catch him in his natural state, he wipes out the challenge points you've collected.   But catch him pretending to be another fish, and good things happen.

Your air bar has been replaced by the challenge bar.  This shows the color and difficuly of the challenge you can activate.  Once activated this bar will count down the time left of your challenge.

We have a list of other ideas for challenges:  Bubble Fish, Shooting Star, Bubble Attack, and others.   But we'd also like to hear your crazy ideas for challenges.  Give Subby Extreme a try and post your comments here or send us an email.  We'd love to hear them.  And just maybe you'll get a challenge fish of your own!

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